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  • Anonymous asked:
    I've never done this 'shipping' before, but I'm kind curious, can I try? I'm female, straight, with a pixie frame. I have brown hazel eyes and red-gold-ish hair, usually with a random streak of color in it. I'm a proud Slytherin girl. Hobbies: writing, games, reading, planning, bending rules, sneaking. Likes: music, Quiditch, proving people wrong. Hates: losing, pink. Often under estimated, but is ruthless, cunning and sarcastic. Huge attitude, quick wit. era; Harry potter or Future.

    I would ship you with Draco. A lot of your traits and his coincide. But we can also see, (especially during the first several years) that Draco doesn’t think a lot of things out, so he could use the help of someone who does plan. 


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    Anonymous asked:
    Hey could you ship me please? I'm 5'7, rather slim, I have reddish-brown straight hair and dark brown eyes. My skin is really pale, I have a bit of freckles and I'm a girl. Pottermore sorted me in Slytherin and I would describe myself as sarcastic, rather funny, crazy, clever, but really stubborn, kind of impatient and extroverted. I really love to read, music (listening and playing), drawing and spending time with my friends. I would like of all eras if that doesn't bother you :) Thank you!

    Marauders: Sirius Black. We all know how Sirius can be. He is a prankster, and really likes to be around those he cares for and he would do anything for them.

    Potter: Harry Potter. Harry is sarcastic and does seem to like pranking. He isn’t always that clever, so he could use someone with that trait.

    Next Era: I have a feeling that Teddy Lupin, (Tonks and Remus’ boy). If he grows up to be anything like Tonks and compassionate like Remus, then I think it would be perfect. 

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    Hello! Can I get a ship please with all generations including the new generation (Potters' kids and Weasley's kids etc.)? I am extremely short (5'0") with long dark brown hair. I wear glasses and I love to read and I'm in Gryffindor with Ravenclaw characteristics. I tend to go all out when it comes to pranks and I'm also very affectionate. I love Quidditch and I'm a chaser. Thanks!

    Marauders: James Potter. We know that he loves to prank and play Quidditch, so you could always do that together. 

    Potter: George Weasley. He’s a bit more, well rounded than Fred, so he wouldn’t mind someone with some ‘nerdy’ traits, and would love another prankster.

    Next era: I’d imagine Hugo Weasley (Ron and Hermione’s boy) would be a prankster like his uncle George, and like Quidditch since a lot of Weasley’s do. He would also get good grades and probably be a bit studious because.. His mom is Hermione.

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    Anonymous asked:
    heey It's Milly can I have a ship. I'm a female with shoulder length light brown hair, blue eyes, I'm a bit tan. I'm really friendly :) I like to prank people hehe, I get in trouble a lot opps ;) I'm quite cheeky ;) I don't like bullies but I sometimes pick on people with my pranks sooo I'm a hypocrite hehe opps sorry people, I talk a looot in class and send notes to my friends across the room hehe it's fun. P.S I love a certain red head twin ;) *cough* Fred *cough* :) hehe please and thankyou:)

    I would actually ship you with another Weasley, Ron c: (hope this doesn’t upset you to much) Although Ron is not as much of a prankster as his brothers he still has that jokester trait (usually getting under Hermione’s skin) But he also is quite affected by others bullying, and is quick to stand up for others. He also wouldn’t mind talking with you during Potions cx 

    imageJust try to not get caught…

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    Anonymous asked:
    My names megan. Petite, shy, nerdy, athletic, protective over friends, brownish black hair with colored streaks, brown eyes, and sort of pale skin with a slim figure. Gryffindor and male ship please. Love ya♡♡

    I would ship you with Harry. I think out of the golden trio Harry would be the shyest, and sometimes two shy people can actually work together. Also I think two people who are protective over their friends is a great pair. 


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    Can I have a Draco one-shot where I'm in Gryffindor & I'm a metamorphmagus & whenever I'm around him my hair turns pink & both of our friends tease me & him about & it gets fluffy?

    "GRYFFINDOR!" The Sorting Hat’s loud voice boomed through the Great Hall. Even louder roars and cheer’s erupted from the table to your left. Your hair changed from it’s previous light blonde yellow color, to a softer lilac purple. As you walked over to the table you heard a few gasps, but they were quickly silenced as Professor McGonagall called out the name of another first year. You sat silently until one name was called. "Draco Malfoy!" You looked up and saw a blonde first year walk proudly up to the stool. Before the Sorting Hat could even be placed on his head it called out, "SLYTHERIN!" There were roars from the other side of the hall and as you watched him waltz over to the table. A girl with big curly brown hair tapped you on the shoulder. "Your hair has changed color again. Metamorphagi hair changes colour dependent on mood. What does bright pink mean?" 


    You threw your body down into the seat at the back of the Defense Against the Dark Arts class room, your (h/l) black hair falling over your shoulders. The beginning of your fourth year had been a bit stressful to say the least. Well actually every year was a bit of a challenge. Wearing your emotions so clearly wasn’t always the best thing. Especially when it came to one particular person. No matter how much you would try to restrain yourself, your hair and face would always turn bright pink when Draco Malfoy caught your eye. You tried to cover it up with everything from hats to trying to completely change your appearance but him, and most everyone else, always saw. You mentally kicked yourself as you went over all the embarrassing moments from the past couple years. As you did so, you didn’t notice said teen sit right next to you. All eyes were on you two, as people were ready to burst out with laughter with your frazzled excuses and attempts at covering it up. Instead you kept your head to the desk, your hair keeping the color of a dark, almost black brown. You heard Professor Moody begin class so you began to sit up. To your dismay you saw the pale blonde sitting next to you out of the corner of your eye. You tried to contain yourself but as Crabbe and Goyle and numerous other students began to look your way your hair lit up in a flurry of bright pink and orange. You rose your hands to cover your face, contemplating running out of the classroom before an alarming thud was heard. “Is there something wrong Goyle?” Draco spat. “What about you Crabbe? Do you have something to say?” His voice seething. At that point everyone was very interested in Moody’s lesson. You dropped your hands to look up at Draco only to see that he was already looking at you with a smirk, but not his usual devilish one. You smiled back as he pushed a little note towards you. Sprawled on the small bit of parchment was written, "I really like that colour on you." His face was just about as pink as your hair. 

    I made up this little chart for hair color moods c: Though I didn’t use all of them, but if I do another story with a Metamorphmagus I will probably use this c:

    Red- Passionate, Angry


    Orange- embarassed

    Yellow- Worried

    Green- Jealous

    Indigo- happy

    Violet- Calm, Relieved 

    Black- Nervous, Tense

    White- sad or emotion less

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Harry Potter And The Chamber of Secrets

    Harry Potter And The Chamber of Secrets

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    Anonymous asked:
    Could I have a fluffy and cute Fred one shot? where were in Hogsmeade!

    You pulled your coat around you tighter, while simultaneously holding your hat on your head, preventing it from flying away. The winter air was freezing your gloved fingertips and your bare nose.  You silently walked towards the small pub, a sign that read “The Three Broomsticks Inn” swung madly in the wind. As you opened the door a wave of warmth hit you as you sighed with relief. “(y/n)!” A voice called from a booth in a far corner. You looked up from unbuttoning your coat to see Fred Weasley waving you over. He was sat with his twin brother, George and their friend Lee Jordan. You nodded at each of them, saying a short greeting as you settled into the seat next to Fred.  A waiter walked up to the edge of your table just as you sat. “Would you like anything?” “Just a butterbeer.” The waiter nodded and was back within no time with the warm, sweet drink. You drank as George asked, “What took you so long? You were suppose to be here half an hour ago.” “I saw the most beautiful necklace in Gladrags. It’s quite rare to find something like that there. They seem to only put socks on display.” You huffed, taking another drink, “But of course it was to expensive-” You cut yourself short as you saw the boy’s eyes wander off. “Did you find anything cool in Zonko’s?” You asked, gaining their attention back. “We haven’t been yet.” Lee spoke up. You looked at them questioningly. “Why not? You would’ve had time.” “Fred here wouldn’t let us go.” Lee said. “Straight to The Three Broomsticks’ he said.” George added, “He didn’t want to miss one minute with you!” George added a fake gag onto the end of his sentence. Fred tried to kick them both under the table but they were just a little out of reach, so much so that he couldn’t have done it subtlety. You laughed, finishing off your butterbeer rather quickly. You had known of Fred’s crush on you. George had told you in your guys’ second year. Though you elected to dismiss it as a prank, until Fred asked you to the Yule Ball last year. Thinking it was just an elaborate set up for a prank you denied him, well until you heard him cursing to himself in the common room late at night. George told you that it wasn’t a prank in the end, so you decided to just hope he would try again instead of make a fool of yourself and embarrass him. You stared down at your empty tankard. The drink had warmed you but not as much as you would’ve hoped. As you stared down, the empty one was replaced with a full one. You looked up and saw Fred looking away before stating, “You can have mine. I haven’t drank any yet.” You smiled, giving him a small kiss on the cheek. “Thanks Fred!” You watched as his face grew red, his pale skin unable to hide his embarrassment. You almost hadn’t noticed Lee and George slide out of the booth. “We’ll just you leave you to it.” George snickered. 

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    Hello, lovely! C: Could I request a Draco Malfoy imagine where he accidentally bumps into you in the corridor between classes and starts blushing and his friends tease him about having a crush on you? Thanks! Oh, and if it's not too much trouble could you possibly message me when it's posted or tag "slythstiel" in the post? It'll make my life kind of easier. Thanks so much!

    You were walking down the corridor slowly, your robes dragging behind you. It was still just the beginning of your fourth year, and with the hustle and bustle of the Triwizard tournament you hadn’t really gotten the chance to just take in Hogwarts again, to re-familiarize yourself with it. There was no doubt that Hogwarts was a big school, and even after going there for 3 years, it still took some time each year to get use to it. You dragged your feet down the corridor, making your way slowly to Transfiguration.  There was still some time left between classes, just enough for you to get to class without having to worry about being late. You walked leisurely, staring out the windows and studying the portraits, that was until your books and bag were sent flying out of your hands and all over the floor. You were sure you were going to follow, when you felt two arms wrap around your waist. You could feel your face warm up. You straightened yourself and turned around to be meet with a familiar face and black and green robes, though this time the face was beet red, instead of it’s usual pale colour. “Oh. Um, thanks Draco.” You say as you attempt to straighten your hair out, although there was really no need. “Did you go to the world cup this year?” Draco asked. He had acknowledged your thanks, but was quick to change the subject. You had known Draco for a while now. Although he completely disregarded you throughout your first year at Hogwarts, he decided you were worth talking to when you had made a particularly snappy comment at Harry Potter near the beginning of your second year. Something about his uppity ways. “No, I couldn’t get the tickets in time.” You began to explain as you knelt down to pick up your things. You were too distracted by picking up your things and trying to recall the past summer that you hadn’t noticed Draco helping you pick your things up. He began to handed them to you and he opened his mouth to say something when his friends, Crabbe and Goyle came running down the hall, howling about something that Filch had done. When their eyes landed on you and Draco, Both red in the face and Draco holding your books, they looked back at each other and almost collapsed with laughter. You giggled, after you took the time to actually think of how weird this must look to them. Draco actually blushing and helping someone else. Saving him from any further embarrassment, you took your books from him and walked off towards your class. “See you later.” You smirked. As soon as you were sure you were out of their sight, you put your back to the wall, trying your best to listen in on what they were saying. “Is that your new girlfriend Draco?” “Pansy is going to be mad!” You heard Crabbe and Goyle laugh. You saw some flashes of light and Draco mutter, “Shut up you twits.”

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    Anonymous asked:
    Ship me please. Boy if possible age doesn't matter. I'm Frejya. I'm 5'1-5'3, I have dark brown stick-straight hair that reaches the end of my back, dark brown eyes. I'm female. I have light skin (Kind of Hermione's). I like to read at points, I'm stubborn, sarcastic, will stand up for the ones I love, I'm a Gryffindor and Leo. I love animals. I like to sing even though I can't. Not a fan of sports. I'm girly/nerdy/sort of rebel. I'm a fairly bright person unless its morning or I don't like you.

    I would ship you with Colin Creevey (Who is honestly one of my favorite characters! ) He is kind of the nerdy, outcast, who trails after the golden trio but he is amazingly loyal and determined. He snuck back into Hogwarts so he could fight, and always stood up for Harry, even when harry just ignored him. He doesn’t really play Quidditch, but of course attends the games and asks Harry about because… it is the school sport after all. He is easily excitable and unbelievably nice and brave. image

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